Inequality In America - Enough is Enough

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Inequality In America - Enough is Enough

Racism in America has been around for centuries and sadly still exists. We all know that. Turn the clock back fifty years… those old enough will remember that cold night in December, 1969.


Edward Hanrahan, then Cook County States Attorney of Chicago, conspired with the FBI to kill Black Panther Chairman Fred Hampton and his associate Marc Clark as reported in the NY Times. Hampton and Clark were in their beds on December 4, 1969 when Hanranhan’s men assassinated them. Hampton was 21 years old. Consequently, Hanrahan was charged but never convicted.


Fast forward 51 years later to current times and George Floyd, died in an unjust way. This was the culmination of so many wrongful events.


To many, this was the final straw that broke the camels back.


America has awakened to the realization that these unjust situations need to finally change and stop because enough is enough.


Hampton and Floyd are only a couple of the millions of those who have been treated unfairly. They should have been given better opportunities and could have made significant contributions to society.


But cruelty in America has not given them the equal opportunity that others in America have been privileged to have for decades, if not centuries.


We strongly believe that everyone should be given the chance to change one’s life and have equal opportunity regardless of how one looks or identifies.


In an article dated October 30, 2018 in Economic Policy Institute, black unemployment is at least twice as high as white unemployment at the national level and in 12 states and D.C. The rate in the District Columbia is 12.4 percent while the highest white unemployment rate is in West Virginia at 5.0 percent.


The facts may seem alarming, but the disparities are far worse in other areas of the country. This data shows the discrimination African Americans are facing (and have been facing for years). This reflects the hiring atrocities of employers. It does not reflect the potential of black workers or other disadvantaged workers.


Hire Equal’s mission has always been to help those find employment where they can feel appreciated and not discriminated against and to help companies change the systematic racism in this country.


All individuals, regardless of their racial, ethnic, gender, or sexual orientation must have equal opportunities and the right to a life without discrimination.


Employers have a chance to look at their business and the people they serve and overcome their biases and specifically provide jobs to all regardless of their race, country of origin, age, gender, or disability.


Our firm belief is businesses need to have these difficult yet honest discussions about their workplace and begin training their human resource departments to offer employment opportunities to all groups especially those who make up the minority at the company. Only then can a company truly grow and eradicate their prejudicial beliefs.


From the beginning, even before the murder of George Floyd and the global pandemic, our mission has always been about providing job opportunities for all.


Now more than ever we hope ALL companies, business, and organizations join Hire Equal in making every workplace a great place to be that is free from biases, hate, and discrimination.


We want all businesses and people to be part of a workplace that not only is diverse and inclusive but a place where one can be comfortable without being afraid of who they are and can have a feeling of genuinely being accepted.


At the end of the day, we are all human and live on the same planet. Instead of finding ways to divide ourselves, let’s come and live together united as one for the greater good of humanity, this planet, and for those of the future to come.

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