Diversity and Inclusion Goals For A New Decade

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Diversity and Inclusion Goals For A New Decade

Can you believe it!? It’s not only a new year but a new decade! In this decade there will be lot of changes in the workplace. Many companies will start thinking about where they can make a positive impact to society and how employees will best benefit and align with the company’s goals and ambitions.


If you haven’t already started thinking about what diversity and inclusion goals you have for the ‘20s, then look at your company and employees and see if their goals align with that of the customers they serve and maybe even that of the company’s mission. Just don’t let another decade go by as more and more employees and businesses alike are looking for a workplace where diversity, equality, and inclusion exist.


As this decade begins, be sure to keep diversity top of mind. Make a plan and get ahead of the rest to determine what goals you would like to achieve as it pertains to diversity, equality, and inclusion and set yourself and the team up for the start of a great decade.




Before setting any goals, make sure you understand your existing diversity and inclusion environment. By taking this first step, you will be able to evaluate progress and areas for improvement. If the organization has not put much of an emphasis on it in the past, make a commitment to focus on diversity and inclusion as the new year kicks off. You don’t want to be left behind. According to Harvard Business Review, over 90% of large companies with over 1,000 employees already have diversity and inclusion programs set up.


Take notice of retention rates, hiring data, employee surveys, etc. to measure the diversity climate within the organization and then determine what big steps you hope to achieve (your goals) in a few months, a year from now, and how you want the company to be in a few years If you really want to plan for the long-term, think about where you want the company be to be by the end of the decade in 2030.




Now that you have a better understanding of the current diversity climate, it’s time to educate or train employees on diversity and inclusion (D&I). If this training does not yet exist, make it a priority, especially when it comes to onboarding a new hire to the organization. But such training should not be a one and done approach. Rather, D&I training should be conducted on an ongoing and long-term basis.



Does your company foster an environment where D & I conversations are welcomed and encouraged? Does management discuss or steer away from diversity and inclusion? Can employees speak freely about inequality within the organization? Make a commitment in this new decade to create opportunities for all employees to be able to have a voice and discussion around these topics. Such opportunities are a great way to foster a culture of belonging and understanding. Consider bringing in speakers to talk to employees about diversity and inclusion-related topics or host a showing on some of the numerous high-quality talks that already exist on the subject. Event sponsorship celebrating multiculturalism is also a fun way to boost engagement.


Evaluate Again


As you educate and engage those within the organization, it’s important to evaluate again to see if you are making progress on your diversity and inclusion goals. Look back at the previous goals and determine if any progress was made.


Keep all employees informed via an email or internal news post of what diversity efforts are being implemented and why it is important and how they can get involved. This further encourages employees to participate in creating and sustaining diversity, equality, and inclusion within the organization.


Publicizing more broadly outside of the organization of any diversity and inclusion achievements can also be a great approach in attracting talent, increasing customers, and inspiring other companies to start off the new decade right.




Be sure to celebrate as you hit your milestones. For example, if your organization was able to increase the hiring of those who identify as Asian from 6% to 9%, celebrate for making progress. Remember, creating and maintaining a diverse, equal, and inclusive work environment takes time and patience so celebrate change as necessary to keep your motivation going the rest of the year, decade, and beyond.


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