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Woman writing a cover letter on her desk

How to Write an Attention-Grabbing Cover Letter That Stands Out

Jay Mava / Published Mar 15 2021

Does a Cover Letter matter anymore? It can be a determining factor to help recruiters if you follow these best practices to help you get noticed.

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Latina Woman Disappointed

Try This When The Interview Does Not Go Your Way

Jay Mava / Published Feb 26 2021

Rejection or failure should not halt your job search efforts. Spark a new sense of motivation with these tips.

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Connections To Reach Out For References

Everything You Need to Know About Job References

Jay Mava / Published Jan 14 2021

Are people really still using references to get work or is that a thing of the past? It never hurts to have positive reviews about yourself just in case …

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Writing Notes In A Journal

4 Things Successful People Do After Every Job Interview

Jay Mava / Published Dec 21 2020

Want to get the job? Use these tips to your advantage immediately after the interview to increase your chances of getting hired!

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Young Professional Anxiously Looking At Computer

10 Tips To Re-Evaluate Your Resume To Get The Interview

Jay Mava / Published Nov 30 2020

6 seconds. That’s the average length of time that an employer spends looking at your resume. So how can you prove that you’re the best candidate for the job in such a short time? What makes you stand out among all of the other applicants? With the right tips, we will teach you how to re-evaluate your current resume, intrigue the employer, and land that interview.

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World Of Diversity

6 Questions To Determine If Company Is Committed To Diversity And Inclusion

Jay Mava / Published Oct 26 2020

If you ask the company you work at (or want to work at) if they’re committed to diversity and inclusion, they probably won’t hesitate to answer “yes.” But diversity and inclusion (D&I) goes far beyond ...

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Boss Leading A Meeting

Tips to Hold Leaders and Managers Accountable for Building A D&I Environment

Jay Mava / Published Sep 29 2020

Building a diverse and inclusive environment begins when all leaders and managers are on board. Their commitment is essential in sustaining this positive culture change in the long run. In fact, it is the leaders's job to educate and empower ...

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Diversity Group

Powerful Reasons To Seek Work With A Diverse Company

Jay Mava / Published Aug 31 2020

A diverse workplace is no longer just comprised of various genders, races and sexual orientations. Many organizations are now embracing ...

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Person Thinking About Bias

Unconscious Bias – What It Is And What You Can Do About It

Jay Mava / Published Jul 29 2020

Unconscious biases are typically directed toward minorities and are based on disabilities, ethnicity, race, religion, race, class, gender, and age. So what can you do about it?

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BLM, Black, Hire Equal

Inequality In America - Enough Is Enough

Jay Mava / Published Jun 11 2020

America has awakened to the realization that these unjust situations need to finally change and stop because enough is enough.

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